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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hardly to Find Successful Malay Businessman Books

Over past 2 weeks, I feel hard to see a biographies books about successful  Malay businessmen in Malaysia. I went through to Kinokuniya, Popular, Novelhut, Mubarak bookstores, but failed to get the books. (and then try again another bookstores.. answer: sigh!) Why I need such a book? Yup, it's because for my assignment. This semester, our lecturer given us a task to find a book on successful business person (Malay) in our country. We're assigned to finish the book's reading and make it review for 5-7 pages and present to him.  The task fascinated me, since reading synonymous to me but to get the biography's is another things must I think out!

In Malaysia, I would say that not so many Malays successful businessman/woman to be appeared.  The numbers is too small. So, a books come up with their personalities is not much out there. Even so, if only there were available, it was just compilations or short stories about business persons combined in one book.   But honest to say, the biographies from politicians backgrounds is like mushrooms nowsadays.  But I would proud to have Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, Tan Sri Dato’ Muhamad Ali Hashim, Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin (Allahyarham) and Tan Sri Yahaya Ahmad (Allahyarham). In my view, those persons were genuinely successful corporate. However then, it's still hardly seem to get their stories (books).

At last, I went to public library, Jln. Tambun, Ipoh. With slowed and steadily scanning the books at there, soon something attracted me at the shelves. I picked up the book. It was Rashdan Baba biography's, name as 'Dari Menara Gading Ke Mercu Korporat: Biografi Rashdan Baba'. Thanks me for being membership of the library. The dateline is near around the corner...hope to have a time on it!

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