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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Going to the Novelhut (Jun 2013)

It was hard to refuse when Syihan asked me join him to the Novelhut. Syihan is my good friend since we were in the same school in Ipoh. He works at Slim River but often going back every week to hometown.  Both of us share the same hobby: reading + collecting books. Because books is something I like most, at last I turn to agree with him going to the Novelhut, a popular second hand bookstore located at Green Town.  We spent almost half an hour at thereIt costed me RM48 with 4 books purchased..... For our next trip insyaAllah, we're planing to go to Amcorp Mall (PJ), hunting + adding more collections of books :)

My books purchased

Syihan's books purchased

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