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Sunday, October 9, 2011

MAEPS: Big Bad Wolf 2011

The Big Bad Wolf 2011 has just started.  Last two days my brother, Kak Nurul and I went to the book fair.  Big Bad Wolf is yearly event and it is the biggest sale with so much discount to offer. This year, the book fair is taking place at MAEPS, Serdang.

My brother's idea was we going to the book fair in the morning on 1st day book sale. He somehow wanted to get some experience by doing so and... I,  this was my first time went to the Big Bad Wolf fest.  It was about 9.30 am on a Friday morning when we reached the book fair.  The line I had to stand in to enter the fair was cramped by people. At least a hundred people standing and waiting for the book fair to open. Some people were bringing along their baskets and some of them were bringing their trolleys. I waited outside patiently until the door is opened at 10 a.m.  We then had a warm welcome by the assistants fair.

Inside, there were wide open spaces as many books on table arranged with variety titles.  Surrounded by books, I saw many sections such as travel, arts & design, photography, coffee table books, history & politics, fiction, non-fiction, religion & new age, parenting, biography & memoirs, music & movies, mangga, graphic novel, literature & poetry, computer, self help, humor, pets & nature, sports & games, transporation, reference, architecture & home decor, business, travel and children section. I think every corner of the books were fair organized in the good way. In the book fair, you don't need to be worried if you didn't bring your bags along. There was a lot of boxes provided in here.  They do supply boxes to visitors for shopping books. I think you'll need at least one. Help yourself! If you do anything to ask for, feel free to ask sale assistants. Sale assistants are always available around every corner.

At 11.a.m,  my eyes catched more and more people were coming and this place were crowded by book lovers at everywhere. Seeing the crowds celebrate books and reading was something awesome! We spent a half an hour wandering around and browsing books. After that we have to rush to pick up my niece from school and get ready for Jumaat praying.

My listed books bought:
Mu Shi Shi by Yuki Urushibara
(Del Rey, 2008)
Gods and Soldiers edited by Rob Spillman
(Penguin, 2009)
World History With Atlas
(Geddes & Grosset, 2006)
William Shakespeare With Out the Boring Bits by Peter Ackroyd
(Constable & Robinson, 2010)
The Book of Useless Information
(Penguin Group, 2006)
Chinese Hero - Tales of the Blood Sword Vol.1 by Wing Shing Ma
(DGN Production Inc. / DrMaster Publications Inc., 2006)
Baby Blues - Ten Years and Still in Diapers by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott
(Andrews McMeel, 1999)
Time Out Film Guide 2011
(Time Out Guides Limited, 2010)
The Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft by Robert Jackson
(Parragon, 2009)
Signs & Symbols - What They Mean and How We Use Them
(Southwater, 2007)
Michael, The Man & His Magic
(Adaikalaraj Media Group, 2009)

The Big Bad Wolf is now open from Friday, 7th  to Sunday, October 16th,  from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.  If you plan to come, you may need to park your vehicle at parking lot from MAEPS below. From there, a tram free ride will come and drive you to book fair.  It 'll take you 5 minutes by tram. Don't miss the event. Enjoy!
a line of visitors
photo shoot from tram
book fair's entrance
cofee table books
books on history + politic
imported graphic novels
one of signs which may guide reader interest
book lovers!
finally.. finished with books shopping


Afida Anuar said...

Last weekend i was so busy with my sister's convocation. InsyaAllah next weekend i will be there. Lucky there's still time;). Anyhoo, thanks for the info

PS: Banyaknye beli buku...JELESS!!.. he he


If time allowed, I would also like to suggest you to go there too! (book fair).

P.S. Bolehlah. Buku bajet.. utk musim bajet ;-)

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