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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chronicle Of The 20th Century: The Thickest Book Owned by Me

Hobby is something on how we keep seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining. For example like hobby on books, I believe book lovers out there went through adventures and awesome experiences  in collecting their books. It can be an absorbing and enjoyable when they get the unique, biggest, smallest or the most interesting books in life experiences.

For me the biggest book  I've ever have is Chronicle of the 20th Century, an encyclopedia  of a remarkable journey through the history of the human race. Purchased in 2012, this encyclopedia is the thickest book owned by me since becoming a book worm. I got this book when I went to Amcorp Mall and stopped by at Second Chance Bookshop (a second hand book kiosk) on the way to BookExcess. 

Several features about this book are:
  • It is an encyclopedia of the world of the 20th century started from 1900 to 1986.
  • The book is held by 3 publishers: Jacques Legrand; Chronicle Publications Inc and Hareberg Kommunikation.
  • The book price down to RM22 after bargaining.
  • The book cover is red in colour with hard cover binding.
  • The weight of the book is 1 kg while the front and back cover has 0.4 cm thick.
  • It has 11.75 inches length and 9.25 inches width.  Spine itself  3 inches long.
  • The total number of book pages is 1357.
  • The books are listed according from year to year with text and pictures, concise cronicle vital events occured in every month calendar.
  • This encyclopedia entries providing information on a range of subjects: demographic currents, politics, culture, war, art, innovation, entertainment, sports and others important timeline of world history.
  • Inside, the pages also includes maps, glossary and abreviations to facilitate accessible information.

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