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Monday, February 15, 2010

Kledang Mountain Hiking

Kledang Mountain
So, after planned with Rizal, on the 14th February (yesterday) we tried our best to reach at the top of Kledang mountain, Perak. The weather in the morning was perfect for hiking and we started the journey at 8 a.m. sharp. By just walking, I think this mountain was among of moderate, adventurous and nature hiking to the top. Yup, the route is ready and surfaced by tar because TM workers used this route to their station centre up there. We don’t need to push up, jog or run and that will quick hurt your legs and easily getting tired. Bags that we carried is filled of bottles of drink and some snacks we bought just now. It easy to hidrate when walk up hills. Even I put some lokam to be eaten up when we reaching to the top.
Rizal, an easy-going person
The journey took us 2 ½ hours to the peak. The route over all was okay but sometimes the route bent and getting slope and narrow. We passed a few hikers along the way. Some of them with their friends, family member and there were hikers have attempted the climb alone. Other than that, bicycle hikers with high courage cycled up and down steadily. We had been sorounded and passed away rubber trees, river and bridge. We also saw many types of forest trees. Some trees sprouted with beautiful flowers. On hiking, Rizal often asked me. “Are you okay?” “Yes. I`m fine”, said me. We continued our hike with ambition to capture the top of mount and then he asked again whether I was in good condition. “No, I`m not”. I had to catched my breath. But it would take some times to slow my breathing down. It was a tired hiking. And we stopped at the point each time of exhaustion and tried to free our weary legs. Rizal, even he was tired, he always maintained his stamina. I dunno where he got those energy and he never done this hiking before. (Rizal, are you having some sort of ‘cakra’ inside your body.. aha..)
[kledang_4.jpg][kledang_5.jpg] [kledang_7.jpg][kledang_8.jpg]
Hiking up!
Roughly at 10.20 a.m, we made to the junction route which turn right or left. There was no visible signs or official checkpoints. But at the right, seemed there’s a TM building nearby. We choose the right one and at last, 10.30 a.m. we reached the TM station. The name’s ‘TM Kledang Bawah’. 50 meter above from here we walked again to the second TM station. So, we were on the top of it. What a surprise! This area looked unhappy condition. There were bushes everywhere and some rubbish here. There were also some wooden shelter but poorly maintained. Rizal added, this place only allocate for TM’s and its activities in telecommunication services. So there is no way for eco–tourism here. From here we could see the city, houses, farms and lakes and moving cars. The landscape was adorned in glorious sunshine. At the top we felt hot of sun. The sun shone brightly in the sky and our clothes get soaking wet since the hiking things back then. Here, under shelter roof, we spent half an hour - chit chat, drinking and eating. Later, we took some pictures. Actually there was another TM station by walking another 1/2 hour. But I think, reaching here, thanks, Alhamdulillah we made it. Maybe, next time if time allow, we ‘re going half an hour to the another Kledang summit.
[kledang_10.jpg] [kledang_9.jpg] [kledang_12.jpg][kledang_11.jpg]
View of the top mountain
It’s time to go back. Let’s move! We were packing everything. Going down from the hill will be more relaxed but walking at the noon, ha.. yes, it was too hot. There were nobody around on our way back except a Chinese family (Gong Xi Fa Chai to you all) whom started to walk a few hundred yards from the below. Near the base there were troop of monkeys scattered everywhere. Finally, we arrived the base at 12.30 p.m., which took a 15 minutes past the hour. It was worth and inspiring experience. Hiking up Kledang, of course tested our endurance and stamina.


Rizal Yusuf said...

I have no 'chakra' inside my body. Just took a food supplement (non-synthetic drugs) but traditional herbs.


let's boost up for another challenge :)

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