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Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Today a Reader Tomorrow a Leader" : Margaret Fuller (1810-1850)

 “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
 Margaret Fuller (1810-1850)

Margaret Fuller holds a distinctive place in the cultural life of the American Renaissance. Transcendentalist, literary critic, editor, journalist, teacher, and political activist, ultimately turned revolutionary, she numbered among her close friends the intellectual prime movers of the day: Emerson, Thoreau, the Peabody sisters, the Alcotts, Horace Greeley, Carlyle, and Mazzini--all of whom regarded her with admiration and sometimes even awe.

Born in Cambridgeport, MA, on May 23, 1810, Fuller received an intellectually rigorous classical education, whose boundaries she challenged when she won admittance for herself to the male-only halls of Harvard's Library, where she continued her reading, research, and study of languages--(she was especially fond of French and German Romantic literature and an able scholar of German, French, Italian, Greek, and Latin.)

source: PBS

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